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That was quite hilarious. The graphics were really nice! GJ!


Better than anything I could do...

lol..like i said...its better than what i can do...which is nothing...Not bad though...3D animation was decent...And thanks for using my song...and im glad you like it...

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HolyDemonAndy responds:

W00t. :D Awesomeness!! ^,^ Lol. Thank you greatly, Shadow. :D And thank you greatly for your vote. :) Especially considering it was a 4! :D


oh em gee...the southpark parodies make me laugh my ass off!!! soo unexpected..nice graphics and music...

5/5 10/10


Desadsky responds:

Thanks! I think, Kenny should be proud, that this once he was killed by pretty girl from anime.

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Very challenging game...And lives up to the title...this is by far the hardest game I've played (there isn't many i CANT beat). I got stuck on lvl 12...but ill try again later (12:15am atm) o_O...But awesome game

5/5 10/10 and fav'ed

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hmm nice

This game is unique and is better than those mindless shooting games. Good job...you actually made me think!


Wow, your in my favorites now....I am a music artist and i am working on a flash as we speak, thanks for the tutorial it helped out alot!

Shawn responds:

I'm glad i could help

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Done it again!

Another masterpiece! Love the piano sections.


Not bad...

Its an okay song....I liked the beginning...but for some reason, to me, the strings sounded like they needed a compressor or something cuz they were to fuzzy. I dont know if you meant to do that for effects or whatever...Wasn't a bad song though...


Darthfett responds:

You're probably right about the compressor. It was intended for them to be distorted, but it might not be a bad idea to get rid of that straining noise on them.

Thanks for the review!

Hmmm...<insert Critics>

not bad....your cousin XTANKUX told me to check out your version of Gerudo Valley....Its a pretty good techno...One thing I might say is that, I think the piano should have been a bit louder since you started off soft then when to a tech-rift..Other than that...This song is unique and one of a kind! Love the different synths you used!

9/10 4/5

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