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ShadowMan-Kage's News

Posted by ShadowMan-Kage - July 20th, 2011

Ah been so busy. The military really knows how to work ya. Well, while I had some spare time overseas I remixed a song and am really happy with the results and I hope you will be too. Once I do the finishing touches I will release my next song which is from Mega Man 2.

Check back in a few hours!

Its been a while!

Posted by ShadowMan-Kage - June 28th, 2009

Hello my viewers!

I apologize for the wait! After some hardware problems with my desktop computer, it couldn't handle FL Studio XXL 8, I have saved up enough money to buy a good laptop!! I forgot about all the request again so I am gonna have to go through all my blogs and such to remind myself of what I need to get back to...Well just coming on to say...IM BACK!! And expect some songs within the next week or so...I have a full week off from a new job I got, working M-F 7:30am-4:30pm....4th of July week vacation FTW!! Anyways...Expect some tracks!!

BTW: If you haven't seen the new Transformers movie: Revenge of the Fallen, you need to shut down your computer and GO SEE IT NOW!!!

Autobots! Roll out!!

Love my wallet!!

**UPDATE** - I couldn't wait until tomorrow to make a track, so I decided to do a short and sweet one from LoZ - OOT titled "Prelude of Time"...It is my first submission of 2009 and is in near HD quality...Enjoy guys!

Sorry for the wait!!

Posted by ShadowMan-Kage - January 21st, 2009

Hope you have enjoyed your new year soo far,

There is a lot more to come! Right after this post I am heading down to this guitar center down the road from me and getting the newest version of FL studio XXL Producers edition V8...Ive been working quite a few hours these past weeks and finally have the money for the software...so once i get it installed tonight I am gonna start working on some pieces...Well off to the store now!


Posted by ShadowMan-Kage - January 1st, 2009


Hello to all my fans,

This year looks promising! I have plenty of request and have a lot of work to do! When i actually get a tally up of all the songs I'll post them up with completion percents that way if i missed anything y'all can remind me....and note to self: Drinking doesn't help me remember things!

Well I have to recover from my hang-over from last night. Expect something soon!


Posted by ShadowMan-Kage - November 25th, 2008

Dont think I forgot about all you guys ;P

I have been quite busy with school and work that I haven't had much time to sit down and work on any pieces...But I found the time to make a special song that was requested....ummm...a while back...and I really forgot who requested it...I just know it was on my list of things to do lol....

So today I posted a song that has been sitting unrended for about 6 months now...Rate and review please...I like to hear from my supposely 100+ fans...lol...and some that just like my music....It really doesnt matter to me whether you think I'm good or not...I try what i can do...And that's all that matters..

Signing off for some sleep now,

Posted by ShadowMan-Kage - August 27th, 2008

Sup Everyone,

I was online today watching the new "There she is!" step 4, which if you havent seen it or any of the other series, GO WATCH IT! But anyways, i after i watch that i went to go check out my reviews on my songs, ya know, to answer any questions and such, or make comments....Well, ive been makeing tracks for...maybe a little over two years now and I reached the "100 favorite" artist mark!..

~Dances around for a bit~

My thanks go out to all the people who listen to my music, the bad and good, and leave comments for me....Even all the criticism...It helps...except for the comments that are like "Die" ,"Burn in hell, you suck!"....

Those aren't very helpful.....

And on that note....I have to say, "Everyone has to start somewhere....We all cant be music prodigy's like ParagonX9 or one of my faves KFNX, or F-777".....

But yes! I have reached the 100 mark....Time for some celebration tonight!

~After College Homework.....sigh~

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Thank you all for being supported of me, thru the good tracks and the bad ones...

Workin on some projects in my spare time....Im thinking of coming out with some VG mix, dont know what imma do but it'll be a vg mix,,,,And i also am currently workin on a new type of music...it's sorta a DnB......Just trying to learn some other music styles...

But expect at least SOMETHING from me this month...lol...or maybe early september...Any request would be helpful...seeing that i dont know what vg mix i will do lol

With that said, I am taking my leave....Thank you again all my listeners!


Posted by ShadowMan-Kage - June 3rd, 2008

I am back! again...

Been busy with work, trying to save up enough money for necessities...(Mt. Dew and Chips)..hahah just kidding! College classes start up in a couple of months and I dont have much money put away towards it...

I haven't forgotten about you guys...I know i have a bunch of request still to do...but i decided to make something sweet and easy to keep you guys satisfied until I can get your tracks out...(Y'all are like sharks, looking at me like I'm some fresh meat)...hahah just kidding again ^_^

Hope you enjoy!

Posted by ShadowMan-Kage - May 13th, 2008

For anyone who plays Conquer Online 2.0, or would like to start on the sunshine server, Im selling 5 of my accounts...These accounts, ive invested over 2 1/2 years playin' on...So if you would like to find out more about this 5 for 1 deal go to My Auction or you can email me at Kagezero@hotmail.com, or pm me on this account...just for in advance..im askin $250 for all 5 accounts, that comes with whatever they have equipted on them and everything the character owns on the account...All my characters are very well known on the server and are KOS to noone...If you would like to see a video of my characters go to My accounts on Dailymotion or view it here from the embeded video...

/* */
And here is a video of me and a friend playing around in the PK areana...This video is here just to show you my strongest character i am selling: Hiro_Nakamura...He is a 130 Water->Water with 218 potency....The blade he is using comes with this character btw...But, he is BADASS...has to be one of my favorite characters because of how strong he is!

/* */

Posted by ShadowMan-Kage - April 8th, 2008

Hello to all my listeners...

I have joined up with some of my friends that i work with to make our own band...We have been trying to get it rolling for a while and finally got it going...Right now we are in the process of upgrading our equipment so we can bring to our viewers higher quality sounds...

Our first demo was released today and is waiting to be approved by newgrounds.... our band page is
Systematic Paranoia

To all my favorites,

I will still be making solo tracks, for any of those who are worried that i wont do their request...I have been working on each and every one of them....Most of them are like, 1/4-1/2 way done...

Tracks I'm working on:
~ The Man with the machine gun
~ The Extreme
~ DDR Mix - Pokemon Battle (Heavy)
and others
(Sorry if i forgot about ya)
Comment on this blog if i missed any request..and sorry in advance..(Which i know i probably did)

Other than that...I'll be off....


Posted by ShadowMan-Kage - March 27th, 2008

Only thing i have to say right now is:

THANK YOU ALL MY VIEWERS...Gerudo Valley - Final - Round 2 just hit the front page on the All time top scoring at #16!!!

You dont know how happy this makes me!!!

Thank you everyone!!!!